What is the best mortgage for you?

What’s the best rate available right now?

What are your options?

The answers to these questions are primarily determined by your income, property type (ie. Single Family residence vs. Condo), and FICO/Credit score(s).


Loan Amount

What do you qualify for, employment/income Fico/Credit scores govern this determination.

Credit History

Your recent past may impact what is available to you.

Payment Options

30 Yr Fixed, Adjustable, what are the pros and cons of what’s available?
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Let’s put together some offers for you based on the desired loan amount and your mortgage product of choice.


Removing mortgage insurance, cashing out for debts or improvements, want a shorter term mortgage such as a 15 Yr Fixed?

Reverse Mortgage

A different animal that isn’t right for everyone. You and your loved ones need to know what options exist to you, don’t get talked into a high cost loan that isn’t in your best interest!